This site is dedicated to providing insight into and analysis of one of the most comprehensive and complete test of commercial LED grow lights done to date. The test was conducted by a large, independent commercial grower in the Denver metropolitan area using PhytoMAX 800 LED grow lights to replace existing ducted single-ended 1000W HPS lights and non-ducted DE HPS fixtures. Black Dog LED has no current financial ties to the commercial grower.

Commercial LED Grow Lights: Examining Trichome Production
Examining Trichome Production

This case study on commercial LED grow lights is offered with complete transparency; all calculations are provided so all numbers can be double-checked. The commercial Cannabis grower which performed this test requests to stay anonymous for competitive reasons, which Black Dog LED has respected this by keeping their name and any recognizable details out of the case study. We made every attempt to show all of the calculations since some of these numbers seem amazing to say the least. Numbers such as payback periods of less than one and a half flower cycles or calculations showing increased revenue of over $350K for this small test room are all calculated using official numbers submitted to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Not using them is costing you over $14,000 in lost revenue with every single harvest

There are numerous claims of LED grow lights being used effectively on a commercial scale in the medical and recreational Cannabis industry. This is the first real proof of the commercial viability of LED grow lights from an economic return on investment standpoint. After reviewing the data and evidence on this site you will see that not only do LED grow lights work on a commercial scale, but that not using them is costing you over $14,000 in lost revenue with every single harvest for even this relatively small room. This lost revenue negatively effects your standing in the competitive landscape of your market. Increased yields of over 58% (7 pounds for the small test room!) are demonstrated through simple calculations based on real-world commercial Cannabis production results.

To avoid any question regarding the validity of the data presented in this case study, a time-lapse video was taken throughout the flowering period to show the entire development of these yields. Note that of the tens of thousands of still images taken, all images with people in them or during the dark period have been removed. For example, in late flower when the support netting breaks, photos showing growers doing repairs were removed. We consider this time-lapse one of the best examples available of commercial LED grow lights flowering, period.

The greatest take-away from this commercial grow light case study was the identification of substantial increases for your operation's profitability. While LED grow lights can save energy, their biggest advantage is how much more money you can get out of your existing facilities using your existing power footprint. Retrofitting your commercial HPS grow to LED grow lights does require a capital investment, but this entire investment can be recouped in less than 6 months. The majority of the capital cost can be deferred through equipment leasing available to licensed facilities with payments being completely covered by the additional cash flow generated by the LED grow lights.

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